Monday, 28 September 2015

Gandhi Jayanti 2015 Tamil Tv Film Shows, 2015 Gandhi Jayanti Tamil Films

Gandhi Jayanti 2015

Indian great National Freedom fighter ( Leader ) Mahatma Gandhi who was born on October 2, 1869. Indian government has declared his birth date every year October 2 will be day called 'Gandhi Jayanti' National holiday to make people of India remember and tribute his effort and way of approach to get freedom from British ruled India.

 October 2 is One of the three officially declared holidays by Indian government apart from 'Independence Day' every year 15 August and 'Republic Day' every year 26 January.

This Year Gandhi Jayanti ( 02-10-2015 ) coming on the Friday, there will be consecutive holidays for week end days Saturday ( 03-10-2015 ) and Sunday ( 04-10-2015 ) for many colleges , schools and offices. So the people will who are planed to travel for some out places with their family this week will be great period for them.

Following are some Important Tamil TV film shows on Gandhi Jayanti ( 02-10-2015 ) Friday to enjoy their holiday time

SUN TV Gandhi Jayanti Special Film Shows 02-10-2015

Film Name Aranmanai
Telecast Timing 02-10-2015 - Friday Evening 6 PM IST
About Film Full horror-comedy with recent comedy specalist Santhanam and co-comdey stars Manobala, Kovai Sarala and Chitti Babu. Family entetainment film.
Acter and Actress Hansika,Vinay,Santhanam, Andrea,Sundar C,Laxmi Raai,Manobala,Kovai Sarala,Saravanan , Chitti Babu
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Vijay TV Gandhi Jayanti Special Film Shows 02-10-2015

Film Name Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum
Telecast Timing 02-10-2015 - Friday Morning 11 AM IST
About Film Full comedy with recent comedy hero Dinesh, Urvashi, Manobala. Family entetainment film.
Acter and Actress Dinesh, Nakul, Bindhu Madhavi, Urvashi, Manobala, Sathish
Film Name Pisaasu
Telecast Timing 02-10-2015 - Friday After Noon 2 PM IST
About Film Horror film - A man tries to get rid of the ghost in his house
Acter and Actress Naga, Prayaga, Radharavi